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Learn from Home Webinar Series

Course #1
Friday, April 3 - 11am - noon
Tuesday, April 7 - 2pm - 3pm
Thursday, April 9 - 10am - 11am

Reduce Lateral Pressure and Reduce Building Liability
Did you know that there are over $10B in Foundation Insurance Claims every year? How can this be? Is what we are specifying and installing part of the issue? After years of research and development 2 guys from Wisconsin have invented a product that can reduce lateral pressure on foundation by as much as 40%. Come and find out about SAV+R™ Foundation Protection that incorporates RID Technology™.
SAV+R - New Technology to Help Design a Better Foundation
Course #2
Tuesday, April 14 - 10am - 11 am
Friday, April 17 - 11am - noon

Foam Insulation - What are the Types, What are the Differences
With over 400 different types of foam, which are the best for the building industry and why? From closed cell to open cell, this class will bring you up to speed on the different types and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn about blowing agents and the effects on the world of Poly.
Course #3
Tuesday, April 21- 10am - 11 am
Friday, April 24 - 11am - noon

Roofing- Offer More Offer Better Offer Faster
Of all the building trades, roofing has the highest liability - why? Expand your knowledge how to reduce liability and increase productivity. Find out some value engineering techniques that can help reduce cost. Roofing can be fun and we can show you.
Course #4
Tuesday, April 28 - 10am - 11 am
Friday, May 1 - 11am - noon

The World of Geofoam
This is your chance to find out why Geofoam is expanding so fast. The possibilities of Geofoam use is mind-boggling. Did you you know that Geofoam can speed up project and even reduce costs? Learn from the experts.
Course #5
Friday, May 15 - 11am - noon

Friday, May 22 - 11am - noon

Gold-Wall - The Best Continuous Insulation System
Gold-Wall is one of the most useful and unique insulation product on the market today. Imagine having a insulation board with a stud incorporated into it. Learn how this product work, how to install and why it will become your favorite insulation.

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• Increase opportunities with new innovative product solutions.
• Discover new technology in the building industry that help your jobs be more successful
• Learn how to reduce building costs on projects and get better results.
• Gain an understanding of the new research in water absorption in insulation.
• Reduce liability that Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) can bring to the industry.
People Who Attended SAID
"One of the best Webinars I ever attended, I learned so much."
"Information I learned today is going to help my business."
"I had no idea Plymouth Foam manufactured so many things."