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What You Should Ask Your Roofer?

Is the Roof Insulation’s R-Value Guaranteed?
Is it the BEST Value?

Many times Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) roof insulation is specified because it comes standard in NDL (No Dollar Limit) Roof Warranties. No Dollar Limit Roof Warranties sound good but does it guarantee the R-value of the insulation? Would you be surprised if the answer is no, it doesn’t? This can provide a great “Value Engineering” opportunity for your project. NDL Roof warranties using Polyiso are not free. Some believe they are “overpriced extended warranties” that force you to buy all the components from one source, which in turn, drives up the cost of roofing. So ask your roofer what type of insulation he is using and then ask him to give you an option to use Engineered EPS from Plymouth Foam.

What should you ask your roofer

The technological advancement for Engineered EPS is truly amazing and the new research is showing why you should insist on using Engineered EPS Roofing Insulation on your project. The real secret is EPS is the best value in roofing. Not only is it less expensive, it is the best value in roof insulation for many reasons.

• EPS’s R-value stays consistent over the life of the product and we guarantee it!
• In cold weather, Polyiso’s R-value goes down, our Engineered EPS goes up.
• Safer product - no offgassing, no CFC OR HCFC and 100% recycable.
• Closed cell that resists moisture but has the ability to expel it faster.
• Compatible with other rigid insulations for mixed systems.
• Available in 12 various compressive strengths

Want to save money on a project? Ask your specifier to value engineer and use Plymouth Foam EPS. The saving will surprise you.

Need more help convincing the specifier that Plymouth Foam’s Engineered EPS is the best product? Ask us for our substitution package.

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Do Roof Warranties Insulate You?

Building owners are constantly making decisions and risk assessment in regard to their facility. Roofing plays a huge role as it can impact so many factors.

When installing a new roof, (new construction or replacement) an owner is faced with the role of Risk Management. Many building owners
believe the serviceable life of a roof is directly related to the warranty. Roofing Manufacturers’ have seized upon these beliefs by selling “NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranties” giving customers the euphoria of total protection. Are NDL Warranties worth it?

NDL warranties have a relatively high cost, at several levels. There is a cost per foot for the warranty and to qualify for the NDL, the “system” has to contain “everything” from the roofing manufacturer (screw, plates, insulation, etc.). Most roofing manufacturers do not make all the components in a roof system but rather put their name on them and mark them up.

NDL Roof Warratnies

This is where NDL warranties go sideways - “all the other components.”
According to Roof Warranty Research, roofs typically don’t fail because of washers or insulation. So if insulation and other components, rarely if ever, cause roof failures, why bundle them into a warranty? Does the NDL warranty guarantee the R-value of the insulation when it declines or gets wet? Would you be surprised if I told you they do not?

Maybe bundling all these other components in a NDL warranty offers better cost? When the Roofing Manufacturers bundles the other components, it ultimately places a
double margin on “all the other components” - 1st mark up from original manufacturer and the 2nd mark up from NDL Warranty Roofing Manufacturer. Does this double margin reduce cost or add extra profit for the roofing manufacturer?

Interest fact, the roof installers lose their competitive ability to “shop” all the other roof components, driving the prices higher. So, NDL Warranties really take Value Engineering away from the roofer and the building owner! In reality, it really hampers the free market system in some ways.

So are NDL worth it? It has long been said, that roof warranties are written to protect the manufacturer not the owner and that the best warranty is the one that you never have to use. What is a building owner to do? I suggest saving money and take the advice of the roofing experts, make sure the roof is installed properly, do proper maintenance and faithfully monitor the roof through inspections - this is how you get longer serviceable life, not through a NDL warranty.