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New Video - Building Solutions for Construction

A new video outlines how diverse and high-tech Plymouth Foam's manufacturing capability is for the construction industry. The amount of building products is amazing but what is more overwhelming is how innovative they are.

Plymouth Foam manufactures a wide range of roofing products. These include
Flat EPS Insulation, Tapered EPS Insulation, Metal Deck Flute Fillers both Beveled and Square, Retro Deck Flute Filler, Geofoam Roofing and even an assortment of insulation for Metal Roofing. Specialty products like Roofing Drain Sumps (easy Sump), Easy Saddle, Easy Cant and Even Easy Saddle. A series of Ultra Products that have high performance facers that come in sheets or fan-fold. Roof Drainage Boards, Green Roof Insulation and Vented Nailbase add to Plymouth Foam's product offering. These are just some of the roofing products. This does not include all of the other product categories - Siding, Floors, Walls, Foundations, EIFS, Geofoam, Graphite Polystyrene( GPS) Neopor and many, many more.

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