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I'm Impressed with Acts of Kindness from Plymouth Foam

I love writing articles on technical building technology and products, but today I am blown away by what I just found out. I have been involved with nonprofit organizations for over 55 years and when you think you have seen it all, something surprises you and warms your heart.


Plymouth Foam is doing something amazing. To help fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Plymouth Foam has brought in machines to produce face masks. Not only that, they are giving them out FREE to the community, starting with high risk facilities like nursing homes, homeless shelter and etc. WOW! If that is not amazing enough, Plymouth Foam is paying their employees for doing this… making sure people can have pay checks. Double WOW!! Now you can see why I am blown away.

I am not shining a light on this to promote Plymouth Foam's greatness, but rather to show this amazing act of kindness. Plymouth Foam is not alone as I am encouraged as I look around this great country and see people stepping up and helping fellow Americans. To see it so close to home - WOW! Many thanks and congratulation to all "
Plymouth Foamers" that are involved in this wonderful program.


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