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Gold-Wall Worth its Weight in Gold

The "Code Friendly" term for today's designers is continuous insulation. For good reason, continuous insulation provides a solid plane of insulation and a consistent r-value which help with all the new energy codes. One of the best products on the market today to provide continuous insulation is Plymouth Foam's Gold-Wall. Gold-Wall starts with the benefits of EPS rigid foam insulation and combines it with embedded 25 gauge steel studs which providing a superior insulation system.

Gold-Wall has many application possibilities. It can be used to "insulate and fur out" concrete block, poured concrete, pre-cast, tilt up or almost any other masonry installation. Gold-Wall works well on walls, roofs, ceilings, shafts, stairwells, basements and can provide a more efficient insulating system. Gold-Wall can even be used in residential wall application to provide more r-value on the exterior wall, yet provide a fastening surface for claddings such as cement board. The application possibilities almost seem endless. Gold-Wall has so many uses and benefits it is no wonder why it is a Top Construction Product.

Unlike traditional Z-furring Gold-Wall offers a plethora of advantages:
  • Eliminates Thermal Bridging and Increases R-value
  • Faster Installation which Reduces Labor Costs
  • Dimensionally Stable R-Value Due to No Off-gassing
  • Strong Studs for Secure Placement
  • Eliminated Adhesive Issues and Bonding Weakness
  • Ready for Drywall or other Claddings Installations
  • Can Easily Accommodate Wiring and Electrical Boxes
  • Provides a Vapor Retarder Perm Rating of 0.07
  • Dual Polymeric Facers to Increase Durability
  • Help Eliminate Mold Issues due to Condensation

Gold-Wall has one more new advantage,
Graphite Polystyrene (GPS). Gold-Wall now comes with the addition of GPS insulation as an option, which provides even more r-value. GPS insulation infuses graphite particles into the polystyrene cell structure allowing it to reflect and absorb energy providing an even more energy efficient product.

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