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Taper and Sloped Roof Systems

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DuraSpec Tapered Insulation System
Commercial Roofing Application
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Variety of Slopes
DuraSpec tapered rigid insulation is available in almost any slope from 1/16" to 12/12. DuraSpec EPS, with its proven performance, can be designed to move water quickly off of any roof and at the same time offer great thermal benefits. Tapered EPS insulation has been shown to increase the service life of a roof.
Tapered Roof Design
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Insulation Layout
Whether your project is new construction or retro-fit, Plymouth Foam and it's distribution partner can put an EPS Tapered Insulation Roof Plan together to meet your specifications. Plymouth Foam manufacturers can create the best and most effective insulation panel for your project.
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Why is Tapered So Important
Having a good tapered roof system is imperative to get the water off the roof as quickly as possible. Ponding water can be detrimental to the water proofing and may cause safety and/or structural issues. PlymouthFoam tapered EPS insulation can help eliminate ponding water issues and even correct poor structural taper design. Not only can tapered EPS provide positive drainage, but it also adds additional R-value to a building reducing utility costs.

Tapered EPS Insulation can
Eliminate Ponding Water

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  • Additional loading to the structurecould cause roof to cave-in or collapse
    could cause deck to deflect in certain areas
    compress insulation
  • Accelerated Material DegradationUV reflective and magnification
    increased heat breaking down of roofing compounds
    embrittlement or softing of materials
  • Longer Water Exposure Timemoisture seeping into cracks
    freeze expansion to open seams
    safety issue - conductive or slippery
  • Dirt and Debris Build upblocks water flow to the drains
    promotes plant growth
    mold, mildew or bacteria issues
  • Voids Warrantymust remove water off roof within 48 hours
    costly repairs to roof without warranty
    possible higher insurance costs
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Advantages of EPS Tapered Insulation
Tapered EPS insulation comes in a large variety of profile thickness, pitches and densities. Each project can be custom manufactured to fit your customized tapered roof layout. Plymouth Foam’s customization provides many advantage to make the job better and provide better value.
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Stable R-Value
EPS rigid insulation is closed cell and provides an R-value that remains stable due to its unique design and manufacturing. Learn More
Customized starting thickness and pitch
Our EPS can be cut to meet any drainage profile in variable strengths.
Variable R-Value
This system allows for adding additional R-value at variable levels.
Off-set Joint Advantage
When installed properly, joint can be off-set to metal roof seams, eliminating a third layer of insulation. Read More
Fast Manufacturing Process
Plymouth Foam has the most advanced, high tech manufacturing equipment and can custom cut any profile quickly and yet with the highest quality. Made in USA - Made in Wisconsin
Low Moisture Absorption
In field studies, EPS has been shown to absorb less moisture than previous considered. In Fact, EPS absorbed only 1/2 of a percent (.005) over 15 years in a below grade field study. Read More
Compatible With Other Insulations
EPS is compatible with other rigid insulation and can be used together to complete a retrofit roof system. EPS does provide the best value and can be value engineered to meet a variety of standards.
Contain No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
EPS is a closed cell foam which does not contain any ozone depleting CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) chemicals, asbestos or other harmful fibers. See why EPS is so Green
100% Recyclable
Similar to aluminum can, EPS can be recycled. In fact, in 2013 - over 34% of post consumer EPS was recycled. Learn More
Eliminate Insulation Layer - Lower Costs
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Polyiso is limited in thickness in tapered insulation systems. Additional layers are needed which increases the cost of installation. EPS does not suffer from these issues. EPS can be produced in any thickness up to 48" reducing costs.
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* Always consult with roofing manufacturer for additional information and specs.

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