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EPS Direct over
Metal Decks

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UL Listed Construction Assembly #458

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EPS insulation Direct to Deck
The application of polystyrene foam roofing insulation applied directly to steel roof decks without a thermal barrier in single‐ply membrane roofing systems is recognized by UL and ICC‐ES. Plymouth Foam’s EPS insulation can be applied directly over steel roof decks as a component of a Class A, B or C roof covering without the use of a code specified thermal barrier. Whether it is ballasted, mechanically fastened or fully adhered, Direct to Deck EPS Insulation can be used and is compatible with all major roofing materials and assemblies. Plymouth Foam offers flat and tapered insulation for this roof application.
Plymouth Foam EPS Direct to Deck Advantages
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Advantage goes to EPS

The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line
Many times architects or spec writers are unaware that EPS can be used in direct to metal deck applications. Offering EPS value engineering as alternative to the project can pay dividends and help win more jobs.
  • Eliminate Expensive Thermal Barriers• reduce multiple products and/or labor steps
    • eliminate higher cost insulation products
  • Reduce System Cost• EPS is more cost effect than other insulations
    • added flexibility in employing cost effective tapered designs
    * 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly
    * ease of handling, cutting and no irritant fibers
  • Long-Term R-Value Stability• design and calculate one heating and cooling system
  • Various Densities • can accommodate specific project needs
  • Exceptional Moisture Resistance• does not readily absorb moisture from the environment.
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Graphite Polystyrene Option
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This new innovative insulation product has infuses high-purity graphite particles into the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cell structure which gives the insulation its distinctive dark grey color. The graphite particles reflect radiant heat and significantly improves insulation capacity by up to 30%. As radiant heat moves through the Graphite Polystyrene (GPS - Neopor) insulation, it reflects it hundred of times inside the cells wall, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat and making it more energy efficient.
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