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Roofing Insulation

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“EPS - The Safe Insulation”

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Roofing With EPS Insulation Has Many Advantages
Best Insulation Value
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation is the most cost effective and by far the best value for roofing insulation. EPS is clearly the lowest cost, R-value per board foot, both in flat and tapered roofing insulation boards. (See Graphs) Using EPS and reducing the cost of a roofing system can help a contractor win more jobs. EPS is a great way to beat the competition and offer the best value to the building owner.
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Flat Boards *

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Tapered Boards *

EPS Offers Lowest Cost Per “R”
No Themal Drift
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured in a way where 98% of the product is enclosed in small chamber filled up with regular air. Other types of insulations use diffusive gasses to help increase their R-values. These gasses tend to escape out eventually lower their R-Value. In EPS air can be replaced with air and it has no effect on the R-Value. That is whys in numerous lab experiments and studies, EPS R-Value tends to remain constant. Learn More

Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) method of measuring insulation R-value uses a 15 year weighted average, however most buildings have a lifespan of 100 years.
Enviromentally Friendly
EPS is environmentally friendly in so many ways. EPS consist of 98% air and the 2% that remains is derived from a by-product of oil refining. By-products that could become waste, but have found there way into a productive product that saves energy. In fact, EPS insulation can return up to 200 times the amount of energy required to produce it, and reduce emissions by up to 100 times the volume produced during the manufacturing process. EPS is one of those product that can be used and recycled over and over again. Learn More
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* Cost comparisons where arrived at by shopping retail prices at by Home Depot and Gulf Eagle Supply (WI) 7/15/15. R-value used for calculations were published by insulation manufacturers’ publications 7/15/15
EPS Roofing Products
DuraSpec Foundation Insulated
DuraSpec Insulation Insulated uses Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that is designed to offer good R-Value and great moisture absorption resistance. Plymouth Foam’s DuraSpec EPS foam provides good durability and can meet any R-Value requirements. See EPS R-Value Myths
DuraSpec offers a stable R-value, dimensional stability, excellent water resistants and can be engineered to meet almost all specifications.
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DuraSpec 100

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DuraSpec 125

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DuraSpec 150

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DuraSpec Taper

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Bravo Taper System

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Direct to Deck

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RetroDeck Flute Filler

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Taper-Cut Flute Filler

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Square-Cut Flute Filler

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DuraSpec Easy Saddle

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DuraSpec Easy Sump

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DuraSpec Easy Cant

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DuraSpec Easy Saddle

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DuraSpec Dura-Channel

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DuraSpec Neopor

Ultra-Series - Roofing Insulation
All of our Ultra-Series Roofing Insulations come with a high performance poly facer laminated to the moisture resistant EPS foam board that increases durability, fastener holding and impact resistance. Our Poly facers is specially designed with a multi-ply, high barrier facers that even protect EPS from the plasticizers given off by PVC roofing membranes. Ultra-Series Insulation provides an addition layer of protection and has become the preferred insulation when retrofitting a new thermal plastic roof system.
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Ultra-Guard Sheet Insulation
Ultra-Guard is roofing Insulation Insulation that comes with a 2 sided, high barrier facer that protects against many types of chemicals. This closed cell EPS board is ideal in re-cover, retro-fit or new construction applications. It is well-suited for many types of roofing.
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Ultra-Guard Plus

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Ultra-Guard Neopor

Ultra-Fold Fan Fold Insulation
Ultra-Fold is fan old roofing Insulation tha reduces labor by installing faster than standard insulations. Ultra-Fold that comes with a 2 sided, high barrier facer that protects against many types of chemicals. This closed cell EPS board is ideal in re-cover, retro-fit or new construction applications. It is well-suited for many types of roofing.
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Ultra-Fold Fan Fold

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Ultra-Fold Plus

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Ultra-Fold Neopor

Insulated Roofing Products
Insulated Laminated Roofing Panels
Plymouth Foam manufactures a large variety of structural and non-structural laminated roofing products. We have the capacity and the capability to laminate a wide variety of materials that create value with our complete line of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulations. Our process have the capability of producing large size panels (8” x 24’) as well as offering other innovative processes to meet your needs.
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Structural Insulated Panels

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Neopor SIPs

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Metal SIPs

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Vented Nailbase

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Fiberboard Nailbase

Plymouth Foam manufactures roofing insulation for the United Sates including the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio. Plymouth Foam provides roofing insulation using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the form of flat insulation, tapered insulation, fan fold, laminated insulation, drain sump insulation, cants, tapered edge strips, green roof channel insulation, insulation saddles, crickets, roofing flute fillers, direct to deck, UL and FM rated systems. Plymouth Foam’s EPS, the safe insulation, is manufactured in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio. EPS roofing insulation has been known to be used with Rubber or EPDM roofing systems, PVC roofing systems, TPO roofing systems, hot asphalt or built up (BUR) roofing systems, modified bitumen roofing systems, metal roofing systems, green roofing systems, garden roof systems, thermoplastic membranes, thermoset membranes, CSPE roofing systems, ECH roofing systems, PIB roofing systems and CPE roofing systems. National Roofers Contractors Association