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Learn from these cutting- edge construction projects

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Learn From These Project Profiles
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NFL Green Bay Packers - Lambeau Field Renovation
Football is played on the frozen tundra but see how Gold-Wall was used to keep fans warmer and yet reduce energy utility costs. Read More
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College Uses Foam To Save and Cut Build Time
Find out how this college used Geofoam to reduce lateral pressure, cut build time and build the most beautiful parking ramp in the country. Read More
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Chicago Museum of Science & Industry Submarine Secrets Unearthed
Un-dig the mysteries that help this museum reduce weight without sacrificing compressive strength in its new submarine exhibit. Read More
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DOT Uses Expanded Polystyrene To Build Highway Between
Soil condition between 2 lakes make building a road almost impossible but see what the Wisconsin Department of Transportation did to make it possible. Read More
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Use Foam Block for Stadium Seating
Movie theaters to classrooms can benefit from the labor and material savings of building stadium seating using foam blocks. Read More
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Foam Used for Outside Hockey Rink
The Big 10 is known for great Hockey. UW Madison had over 55,000 fans enjoy a College Hockey game outdoors on blocks of Foam. Read More
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How Did I Save $1000s on My Construction Project
Thinking outside the Wood Box saved this business $1000s just on floor insulation alone. Learn How He Did It
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Blue Harbor Resort Used DuraFill Foam To Make Project Possible
Learn how DuraFill was used on a Lake Michigan project to build a Hotel Resort Water Park on a site that was soil was unbuildable. Read More
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Pool Fill-in Provides New Life for School District's Building
This contractor was not over his head when used foam to fill in the pool, give new life to a good building and provided future possibilities. Read More