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New Foundation Technology - SAV+R Video - 3:51
SAV+R was developed to solve the biggest problems in Foundations. Find out how Plymouth Foam took 3 technologies and put it in one new product to solve the foundation issues. This major breakthrough reduce building risk and creates more value for the building owner. Test results have shown that XPS insulation is too stiff for foundation walls and can cause problems. Start safe-guarding your project with SAV+R.
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SAV+R™ With RID Technology™ Video - 3:58
Foundation issues have long plagued the construction industry. Foundation cracks from heaving and stress loads have increased even more with additional R-value requirements. SAV+R™ has been designed and engineered to help foundations have less issues and last longer. This innovative product has the ability through the integrated Stress Reducers to reduce lateral load by as much as 40%.
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Gold-Wall Product Video - 2:58
Having trouble insulating a masonry wall. Gold-Wall to the rescue! This fast innovative insulation system offers high energy saving performance and does not promote mold, rot or thermal bridging. It is simple to use. Fasten the Gold-Wall through the built in metal furring studs to the wall, fasten the drywall (or other claddings) to the same stud... that's it, easy!!!