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Best Rigid Foam Insulation Value
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation is the most cost effective and by far the best value for rigid foam insulation. EPS is clearly the lowest cost, R-value per board foot, both in flat and tapered roofing insulation boards. (See Graphs) Using EPS and reducing the cost of a building systems can help a contractor win more jobs. EPS is a great way to beat the competition and offer the best value to the building owner.
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Flat Boards *

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Tapered Boards *

EPS Offers Lowest Cost Per “R”
EPS is Very Cost Effective
Compared to the other ridged insulation, EPS is by far the best value.
  • Lower Purchase PriceEPS $15.36 2” x 4’ x 8’ Board
    XPS $26.98 2” x 4’ x 8’ Board
    43% Less for EPS
  • Lower Cost/Published R-Value InchEPS $1.84/R-Value Inch
    XPS $2.70/R-Value Inch
    32% Less for EPS
  • Lower Cost/Field Study R-Value InchEPS $1.96/R-Value Inch
    XPS $5.19/R-Value Inch
    62% Less for EPS
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Retail Prices Arrived at by Home Depot and Gulf Eagle Supply 7/15/15
Published R-Value
EPS 4.17/inch
XPS 5.0/Inch
Fiield Study R-Value
EPS 3.92/inch
XPS 2.60/Inch
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* Cost comparisons where arrived at by shopping retail prices at by Home Depot and Gulf Eagle Supply (WI) 7/15/15. R-value used for calculations were published by insulation manufacturers’ publications 7/15/15
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