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Quick Taper System

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Bravo Tapered Insulation System
Ready To Go Insulation For High Profit Jobs!
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4 Piece Simple System
Get to those emergency repairs faster using the simple 4 piece Bravo Tapered Insulation System. Create 1/4” slope to the drain or edge without a time consuming layout. Get it done now, get it done quick and reap in the rewards.

Bravo Tech Sheet
Bravo Advantages
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Advantage goes to Bravo

Beat The Competition
Many contractors offer 24 hour emergency roof repair that can truly help customers. Having a faster response can help limit additional damage and Bravo can help build a better solution faster. Getting a roof drawing then getting a tapered layout can take days or even weeks, but with Bravo tapered insulation is back in your control immediately. Just go to your warehouse and pull the Bravo taper you need.
  • EPS Tapered Insulation “the safe insulation”• most cost effective rigid insulation
    • holds its R-value, even when wet
    • low moisture absorption
  • Ready To Go• only 4 sizes of insulation to warehouse
    • superior package for storage and multiple handlings
    * pieces individual marked
  • Easy and Fast• directional arrows for alignment
    • light weight for easy transport
    • 8’ lengths for faster installation
  • Simple Repeating System• only 3 pieces that repeat and one size fill
    • pre-cut in one direction
    • easy to cut when needed
  • Direct to Metal Deck• eliminates expensive thermal barrier
    reduce multiple products and/or labor steps
    removes higher cost insulation products
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Available Options
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  • Slope 1/4”Starting at 1/2”
    Starting at 0”
  • Slope 1/8”Starting at 1/2”
  • Slope 1/2”Starting at 1/4”
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  • Standard Density R 100R 125
    R 150
  • Graphite Polystyrene (GPS)See Below
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Graphite Polystyrene Option
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This new innovative insulation product has infuses high-purity graphite particles into the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cell structure which gives the insulation its distinctive dark grey color. The graphite particles reflect radiant heat and significantly improves insulation capacity by up to 30%. As radiant heat moves through the Graphite Polystyrene (GPS - Neopor) insulation, it reflects it hundred of times inside the cells wall, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat and making it more energy efficient.
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* Always consult with roofing manufacturer for additional information and specs.

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