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Roofing Insulation

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“EPS - The Safe Insulation”

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Choosing The RIGHT Roofing Insulation
Purpose of Roof Insulation
Although roof insulation has several functions, the most important is adding R-value. R-value gives value to the roofing system by reducing the cost of heating or cooling in a building. One question that is often asked is what happens to the R-value in particular insulation when the temperatures go down? Does the R-value of that product increase or decrease? Knowing that answer can dramatically change how we predict utility costs and determine the proper roofing insulation.
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Roofing With EPS Insulation Has Many Advantages
Best Insulation Value
Engineered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation is the most cost effective and by far the best value for roofing insulation. EPS is clearly the lowest cost, R-value per board foot, both in flat and tapered roofing insulation boards. (See Graphs) Using EPS and reducing the cost of a roofing system can help a contractor win more jobs. EPS is a great way to beat the competition and offer the best value to the building owner.
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A contractor can win more jobs by being creative and offering better value solutions to the building owner. For example, using Plymouth Foams Engineered EPS Roofing gives not only the best value in roofing but an insulation R-value that is guaranteed not to decrease like other rigid insulations.
FACT: EPS is the Lowest Cost Per “R” inch
No Themal Drift
Engineered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured in a way where 98% of the product is enclosed in small chamber filled up with regular air. Other types of insulations use diffusive gasses to help increase their R-values. These gasses tend to escape out eventually lower their R-Value. In EPS air can be replaced with air and it has no effect on the R-Value. That is whys in numerous lab experiments and studies, EPS R-Value tends to remain constant. Learn More

Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) method of measuring insulation R-value uses a 15 year weighted average, however most buildings have a lifespan of 100 years.
FACT: EPS has the Most Stable R-value
Enviromentally Friendly
EPS is environmentally friendly in so many ways. EPS consist of 98% air and the 2% that remains is derived from a by-product of oil refining. By-products that could become waste, but have found there way into a productive product that saves energy. In fact, EPS insulation can return up to 200 times the amount of energy required to produce it, and reduce emissions by up to 100 times the volume produced during the manufacturing process. EPS is one of those product that can be used and recycled over and over again. Learn More
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Additional Benefits using Engineered EPS
• Moisture Management - DuraSpec Engineered EPS can release any absorbed moisture rapidly. 

• Non-Leaching - DuraSpec Engineered EPS does not leach or release harmful chemicals into the soil or groundwater. 

• Lightweight With High Strength - DuraSpec Engineered EPS has a compressive strength as high as 8,640 pfs. yet remains very light. 

• 100% Recyclable - DuraSpec Engineered EPS has the superior advantage of being recycled over and over into various products.  

• Lifetime R-Value Limited Warranty - DuraSpec Engineered EPS is so confident in its product, we offer the industry's best warranty.

• Made in USA and Made in Wisconsin - DuraSpec Engineered EPS is proud to say that we are manufactured in Wisconsin, providing jobs for the local economy. 
* Cost comparisons where arrived at by shopping retail prices at by Home Depot and Gulf Eagle Supply (WI) 7/15/15. R-value used for calculations were published by insulation manufacturers’ publications 7/15/15
Engineered EPS Roofing Products
DuraSpec Roofing Insulated
DuraSpec Roofing Insulation uses Engineered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam which is designed to offer good R-Value and superior moisture absorption resistance. Plymouth Foam’s DuraSpecs rigid insulation foam provides good durability and can meet any R-Value requirements. See EPS R-Value Myths
DuraSpec offers a stable R-value, dimensional stability, good compressive resistance, and can be engineered to meet almost all specifications.
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DuraSpec R100

DuraSpec R100 flat roofing insulation is used to provide good R-value at an economical cost. This Type I EPS provides fast and easy installation.
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DuraSpec 125

DuraSpec R125 flat roofing insulation is recommended by the NRCA (National Roofers Contractors Association) to meet compressive needs.
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DuraSpec 150

DuraSpec R150 flat roofing insulation provides a higher level of compressive strength - 2,160 PSF. This product is designed for roofs with heavy foot traffic or pavers.
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DuraSpec R250

DuraSpec R250 flat roofing insulation has great compressive strengths for heavier foot traffic requirements. Easy to cut and install.
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DuraSpec R400

DuraSpec R400 flat roofing insulation has superior compression strengths for pavers or green roof applications. Great for roof decks.
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DuraSpec R600

DuraSpec R600 flat roofing insulation is the ultimate in compressive strength 8,640 PSF. When the toughest is needed this is the product to use.
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DuraSpec Taper

DuraSpec Taper is roofing insulation that cut to match a specific slope or pitch. This product is custom manufacturer to meet density requirements and thickness.
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Bravo Taper System

Bravo Taper System is a stock-able pre-cut tapered EPS that meets industry standard slopes. The system is packaged with one sized component in each pallets.
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Direct to Deck

DuraSpec Direct to Deck is formulated to be installed directly over a steel roofing deck without a thermal barrier. This product comes in fast or tapered Engineered EPS.
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RetroDeck Flute Filler

RetroDeck Flute Filler is custom cut insulation board made to install over and metal roof. The EPS Sheets are made to fit to any metal profile and can provide a level surface.
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Taper-Cut Flute Filler

Taper-Cut Flute Filler is custom cut insulation to fill the flute voids on a metal roof. The filler can be tapered to a wedge for increased void filling.
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Square-Cut Flute Filler

Square-Cut Flute Filler is custom cut insulation boards made to install between flutes on an existing metal roof. This economical system fills flute voids.
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DuraSpec Easy Saddle

DuraSpec Easy Saddle is a pre-designed tapered saddled system that works great between drains or walls. Inventory it in-house for quicker access.
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DuraSpec Easy Sump

DuraSpec Easy Sump is pre-designed four-way tapered system for water to drain to the center. This stock-able sump systems comes in three thicknesses.
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DuraSpec Easy Cant

DuraSpec Easy Saddle is a pre-designed tapered saddled system that works great between drains or walls. Inventory it in-house for quicker access.
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DuraSpec Easy Saddle

DuraSpec Easy Edge is a tapered wedge that transition to different edge elevations. This product is made with high-density Engineered EPS.
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DuraSpec Dura-Channel

Dura-Channel is designed for air or moisture to flow through the channels. Great for ventilation requirement or green roof application - 1 ways or 2 way channels.
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Ultra-Series - Roofing Insulation
All of our Ultra-Series Roofing Insulations come with a 2 sided high performance poly facer laminated to the moisture resistant EPS foam board that increases durability, fastener holding and impact resistance. Our Poly facers is specially designed with a multi-ply, high barrier facers that even protect EPS from the plasticizers given off by PVC roofing membranes. Ultra-Series Insulation provides an addition layer of protection and has become the preferred insulation when retrofitting a new thermal plastic roof system.
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Ultra-Guard Sheet Insulation
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Ultra-Guard Plus

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Ultra-Guard Neopor

Ultra-Fold Fan Fold Insulation
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Ultra-Fold Fan Fold

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Ultra-Fold Plus

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Ultra-Fold Neopor

Insulated Roofing Products
Insulated Laminated Roofing Panels
Plymouth Foam manufactures a large variety of structural and non-structural laminated roofing products. We have the capacity and the capability to laminate a wide variety of materials that create value with our complete line of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulations. Our process have the capability of producing large size panels (8” x 24’) as well as offering other innovative processes to meet your needs.
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Structural Insulated Panels

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Neopor SIPs

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Metal SIPs

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Vented Nailbase

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Fiberboard Nailbase

Plymouth Foam manufactures roofing insulation for the United Sates including the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio. Plymouth Foam provides roofing insulation using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the form of flat insulation, tapered insulation, fan fold, laminated insulation, drain sump insulation, cants, tapered edge strips, green roof channel insulation, insulation saddles, crickets, roofing flute fillers, direct to deck, UL and FM rated systems. Plymouth Foam’s EPS, the safe insulation, is manufactured in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio. EPS roofing insulation has been known to be used with Rubber or EPDM roofing systems, PVC roofing systems, TPO roofing systems, hot asphalt or built up (BUR) roofing systems, modified bitumen roofing systems, metal roofing systems, green roofing systems, garden roof systems, thermoplastic membranes, thermoset membranes, CSPE roofing systems, ECH roofing systems, PIB roofing systems and CPE roofing systems. National Roofers Contractors Association