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Foundation Protection
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Reduce Liability With SAV+R Foundation Protection

Over $10 Billion in Insurance Claims on Foundations

SAV+R™ Foundation

According to insurance loss data, there are over $10 Billion in Foundation Claims every year. Plymouth Foam has been studying foundation issues for the last 10+ years and has developed a new foundation protection system. SAV+R™ Foundation Protection incorporates one of the best new advancements in construction - RID Technology™. This technology has been developed by Plymouth Foam to help protect and RID your foundation issues before they start. RID Technology combines the features of Reducing lateral pressure, Insulating and Draining.

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Curse of XPS 250 Insulation

Through lab and field research, it was discovered that current standard construction was actually increasing foundation issues. This common construction assembly of XPS (extruded polystyrene) 250 insulation is the material mainly being installed on most foundation walls. XPS 250 adds R-value to the wall, but when lateral movement occurs, the physical property of XPS being “too stiff“ transfers loads directly to the wall. * Insulation can dramatically affect the dynamics of the foundation system. When insulation is installed on the exterior foundation wall, the frost border in the soil is changed and moves closer to the wall. When this occurs, frost pressure can increase. Standard XPS insulation combined with frost border closer to the foundation wall creates the perfect storm for foundation issues. Another dynamic of XPS insulation is the huge reduction in R-value in below grade use. According to the In-suit Study of EPS and XPS insulation in below grade applications, XPS was found to lose 48% of its R-value. The study also confirmed that XPS insulation had a more difficult time expelling moisture that it absorbed. For these reasons and more, Plymouth Foam determined that Engineered EPS would be the best foam insulation to help solve foundation issues.

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XPS 250 Insulation

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XPS 250 Insulation is too stiff and allows lateral pressures to push against foundations. *
Research by Miller Scientist

Advantage of RID Technology™
RID Technology™
RID Technology by Plymouth Foam is one of most innovative advancement for foundations in decades. Years of laboratory testing and field research has helped design a product that can help protect foundations. Rid Technology incorporates Stress Reducers™, Engineered EPS and Easy Flow Drainage Pathways (EFDP) to make this product function against the toughest lateral pressures.

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Reduce Lateral Pressures by up to 40% using SAV+R Foundation. When lateral pressure pushes on the SAV+R foundation board, the integrated Stress Reducers can “absorb” this pressure and help save your foundation from failure. SAV+R has been designed to handle 5 types of pressure:
  • reduces backfilling pressures
  • reduces compacting pressures
  • reduces clay or soil swell pressures
  • reduces frost heave pressures
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SAV+R uses Engineered EPS which provides a stable R-value for the life of the foundation. SAV+R
  • is available with R-values of 5, 10 or 15. SAV+R Engineered EPS:
  • does not leach harmful chemical into soil
  • has very low moisture absorption
  • not affected by freeze-thaw cycles
  • 100% recyclable
  • contains no ozone depleting chemicals
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Water leaking into foundation walls via hydrostatic pressure can cause serious issues. SAV+R incorporates Easy Flow Drainage Pathways™ (EFDP) to move water quickly to the foundation drains. EFDP can help:
  • reduce insulation moisture absorption
  • reduce hydrostatic pressure
  • reduce frost heave
  • accelerate drying
  • add longevity to the waterproofing
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Good Reason to Change
Now a Choice in Foundation Insulation

In the past, designers had very few choice in foundation insulations. With the advancement of Rid Technology, which has been incorporated into SAV+R Foundation Protection, designers and building owners can select a superior product in their AIA specification. Now a designer can be on the cutting edge in foundation technology and at the same time reduce risk. It is very simple to Value Engineer SAV+R over XPS or other insulations. SAV+R provides more value and costs less. Make the change to Plymouth Foam’s SAV+R Foundation Protection and SAVE money, Save energy and Save the future.

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SAV+R™ With RID Technology™ Video - 3:58
Foundation issues have long plagued the construction industry. Foundation cracks from heaving and stress loads have increased even more with additional R-value requirements. SAV+R™ has been designed and engineered to help foundations have less issues and last longer. This innovative product has the ability through the integrated Stress Reducers to reduce lateral load by as much as 40%.
SAV+R Foundation Products
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Plymouth Foam manufactures continuous rigid insulation, drainage boards for foundation and below-grade for the United Sates including the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio. Wherever insulated or foam plastic drainage boards are used, Plymouth Foam's SAV+R Foundation is far superior. Plymouth Foam’s SAV+R Foundation is equal or superior to many products on the market such as Insulation-Drain, Platon, Ultra Dry, Perimate, ThermaDRY, as well as others. Plymouth Foam manufactures products for the foundation, below grade and the Ready Mix industry. Foundation can be a complexed product and system, for additional information please consult with concrete organization to verify your project. American Concrete Institute