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In-Floor Heating Insulation
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Good News For Radiant Floor Heating System
Radiant in-floor or underfloor heating systems are becoming more and more popular in the United States and around the world. What use to be thought as a luxury is now becoming standard for many builders. The biggest advantage is the way the heat warms the room very evenly and causes this sense of euphoria when feet touch the floor. The downside to radiant heat is it cost more, however, Plymouth Foam offers some great products to help reduce the operational cost of the systems.
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Why Does EPS Insulation System make these systems even better?
In-floor Heating Systems work by allowing the heat to come up throughout the floor and heat the room above. However, according to the National Renewable Energy Lab, over 46% of an in-floor heats system energy is lost to the beneath soil or open spaces below such as second floor application like a bathroom.
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Without insulation, slab on grade construction has the potential of escaped stored energy, in the soil, to migrate back up through the system causing a “Heat Sink Effect” even when the system is turned off. Using improper or subpar insulation, in-floor heating can become dramatically more expensive to operate. Aside from cost, these system do not operate at optimal capability and can leave building owners frustrated and disappointed. To prevent so much energy loss and inconsistent performance, Plymouth Foam has designed several Insulation Systems for in-floor heat systems.
Products - Insulation for In-Floor Heat Systems
Floor Joist Insulation
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Between Floor Joist - Reflective Insulation
This Laminated Expanded Polystyrene offer the advantage of insulating between floor joist or floor truss in a under floor heat system. This insulation product is designed to push the heat back up to the desired location rather than heating unwanted areas below such as basement, closets and etc. Combined with a “reflective” laminate, this insulation provides excellent R-value to help reduce energy loss through system inefficiencies.
1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”

Any width available up to max. 48”
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Under Floor Joist - Reflective Insulation
This insulation product is design for area that are free from pipes or wires that can be offered in a floor truss system. Fastened to the bottom cord of the truss the system can help hold and push heat back up into the desired areas. Not only is it fast to install, it also provides excellent R-value for assisting in reducing costs associated with under floor heat systems. Under certain conditions, this reflective laminate can provide additional R-value.
.5”, .75” 1”, 1.5”, 2”

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Between Floor Joist - Insulation
Designed to be the most cost effective, this insulation product provides the proven performance of regular rigid polystyrene insulation and the ease of use. This insulation is easy to cut and form into various position, yet maintain its R-value integrity.
1” to 12”

Any width available up to max. 48”
Below Concrete Slab Insulation
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Below Slab Insulation
This product has the compressive resistance as high as 8,640 lbs. per sq. ft. which surpasses the needs of in-floor heat systems. This rigid insulation is easy to cut and has great R-value retention. Able to withstand temperatures above 165° F, which makes it a very cost effective product for below slab insulation needs.
.25” to 48”

Any width available up to max. 48”
Specialty in-Floor Insulation
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Specialty Insulation
If you dream it, we can make it. Our Expanded Polystyrene is one of the most flexible insulations on the market. It can be cut, molded, shaped, glued to make the perfect design for your application. Different thickness, different densities all provide design goal applications.
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“The Sky is the Limit”