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EPS Insulation

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Engineered EPS Has The Advantages
EPS Holds Its R-Value
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured in a way where 98% of the product is enclosed in small chamber filled up with regular air. Other types of insulations use diffusive gasses to help increase their R-values. These gasses tend to escape out eventually lower their R-Value. In EPS air can be replaced with air and it has no effect on the R-Value. That is whys in numerous lab experiments and studies, EPS R-Value tends to remain constant. Learn More

Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) method of measuring insulation R-value uses a 15 year weighted average, however most buildings have a lifespan of 100 years.
EPS Moisture Resilient
Moisture can impact insulation when used below grade. EPS has been shown through studies to be very resilient to moisture in foundation insulation. While initially taking on slightly more moisture than Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), EPS has the ability to discard it. Conversely, XPS takes on slightly less moisture but moisture tends to get trapped in the XPS tends to trap into the cell structure.
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EPS is Very Cost Effective
Compared to the other ridged insulation, EPS is by far the best value.
  • Lower Purchase PriceEPS $15.36 2” x 4’ x 8’ Board
    XPS $26.98 2” x 4’ x 8’ Board
    43% Less for EPS
  • Lower Cost/Published R-Value InchEPS $1.84/R-Value Inch
    XPS $2.70/R-Value Inch
    32% Less for EPS
  • Lower Cost/Field Study R-Value InchEPS $1.96/R-Value Inch
    XPS $5.19/R-Value Inch
    62% Less for EPS
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Retail Prices Arrived at by Home Depot and Gulf Eagle Supply 7/15/15
Published R-Value
EPS 4.17/inch
XPS 5.0/Inch
Fiield Study R-Value
EPS 3.92/inch
XPS 2.60/Inch
EPS Foundation Products
DuraSpec Foundation Insulation
DuraSpec Foundation Insulation is high density Engineered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is designed to offer good R-Value and provide a drainage plain. Plymouth Foams High Density (HD) EPS foam provides good durability and compressive strength against backfilling. In addition, DuraSpec offers a stable R-value, dimensional stability, excellent water resistance and can be engineered to meet almost all specifications. See EPS Myths Strength
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DuraSpec 150

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DuraSpec 250

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DuraSpec 300

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DuraSpec 400

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DuraSpec FlowBoard

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DuraSpec DuraDrain

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DuraSpec DuraFoot

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DuraSpec Dura-Channel

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DuraSpec MiniBoard

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DuraSpec Neopor

Gold Series - Foundation Insulation
All of our Gold-Series Siding Insulations come with a high performance poly facer that increases durability, fastener holding and impact resistance. Our Poly facers come on both sides of the insulation and can be manufactured using clear or reflective facers. Facers can be all clear, all reflective or clear on one side, reflective on the other.
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Gold-Guard Sheet Insulation
Gold Guard is Foundation Insulation or Slab Insulation that comes with a 2 sided, high barrier facer that protects against many types of chemicals. This closed cell EPS board is ideal in re-cover applications or new construction. It is well-suited for all types of siding.
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Gold-Guard Plus

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Gold-Guard HD

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Gold-Guard Neopor

Gold-Polystrong Insulation
Gold-Polystrong is a unique laminated product that gives incredible strength to the EPS board. This is designed and laminated with a durable SUV facer that offer great uv resistance as well as additional fastener holding strength. Gold-Polystrong can be double faced or combined with other popular laminates.
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Gold-Polystrong Plus

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Gold-Polystrong HD

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Gold-Polystrong Neopor

Gold-Wall Insulation
Gold-Wall Insulation System is made with expanded polystyrene and is unique because it is factory-made with 25 gauge galvanized (G-60) steel studs embedded directly into the insulation. The ridged studs stay flush to the front of the sheet and are laminated on both side with a durable polymeric facer. This system creates a monolithic insulation system that does not allow thermal bridging. Learn More
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Gold-Wall Neopor