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Wall Insulation

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Wall Insulation Products
Best Value, Best Bang For Your Buck
Whether it's inside a wall cavity or attached to the wall, Plymouth Foams Wall Insulation has you covered. Plymouth Foams Engineered EPS is lightweight and perfect for siding and wall insulation. Both DuraSpec and Gold Series Products are designed to provide excellent performance in the ever-changing construction market. In addition, these products help reduce energy costs, and unlike other insulations, maintain our R-Value indefinitely. Learn More about Insulation R-Value Myth.
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An Energy Barrier That Provides Maximize Moisture Control
Todays building owners have an increased awareness of health and safety issues such as mold and structural rot. A building’s wall assembly is the first place to fortify a defense against moisture. Modern buildings are being constructed tighter and more energy efficient causing a greater need for keeping moisture out, yet allowing trap moisture to migrate out.
Trapping moisture inside a wall system can cause serious health effects as it can promote mold and mildew growth. Many wall assemblies hold and trap moisture. Some insulation adsorb this moisture and can not breathe it out effecting R-value and increasing utility costs. Good building practices dictate that excessive moisture in wall assemblies should be avoid at all costs and having a wall assembly that can emit this moisture is a huge benefit.
Allowing moisture to migrate out of a wall cavity has huge benefits to one’s health but also reducing the chance for structural rotting of wood studs, OSB or even drywall. “Mixed humid climate has unique conditions, which typically include moisture migration from the inside of a structure during the winter and from the outside during the summer. These dynamic hygrothermic conditions can be problematic for certain wall assemblies.” Plymouth Foam’s EPS has the benefit of being able to expel water vapor. This drying out effect is huge benefit when it comes to modern wall assemblies.
DuraSpec - Wall Insulation
DuraSpec wall Insulation is a very cost effective way to add thermal performance to a wall assembly. Designed with EPS insulation, this line of products offers long-term R-Value stability and superior moisture protection. Save energy and reduce heating and cooling bills by using DuraSpec Wall Insulation.
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DuraSpec Wall Insulation
The DuraSpec line of wall insulation offers a variety of strength and thickness for specific job applications. Expanded Polystyrene has outstanding design and application flexibility to accommodate various lengths, ship lap or tongues & groove edges. This Green (Learn) product incorporates recycled material helping the environment and proving excellent energy savings.
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DuraSpec 100

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DuraSpec 125

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DuraSpec 150

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DuraSpec Neopor

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DuraSpec Dura-Channel

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DuraSpec DuraDrain

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Vented Nailbase

PIP Packs Wall Insulation
PIP Packs are a convenient way to insulate in between studs or furring strips. These pre-cut insulation pieces are fast and easy to install in any cavity. Pip Packs are a simple and affordable way to create an energy efficient assemble that uses the benefits of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which has the ability to keep a consistent r-value through the life of structure. EPS PIP Packs can also provide a level of sound deadening or sound transmutation reduction, even in interior walls. EPS Rigid Foam insulation is a very green product that is manufactured locally.
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PIP Packs come in variety of thickness to meet the demand of standard framing and furring assemblies. They also come pre-cut to fit in 24” or 16” on center wall types. By using pre-cut PIP Packs, installers can enjoy the benefits of faster installation and reduced labor costs.
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Gold Series - Wall Insulation
All of our Gold-Series Wall Insulations come with a high performance poly facer that increases durability, fastener holding and impact resistance. Our Poly facers come on both sides of the insulation and can be manufactured using clear or reflective facers. Facers can be all clear, all reflective or clear on one side, reflective on the other.
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Gold-Guard Sheet Insulation
Gold Guard is wall insulation board that comes with a 2 sided, high barrier facer that protects against many types of chemicals. This closed cell EPS board is ideal in re-cover applications or new construction. It is well-suited for all types of siding.
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Gold-Guard Plus

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Gold-Guard HD

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Gold-Guard Neopor

Gold-Fold Fan Fold Wall Insulation
Gold Fold is a fan fold wall product for retro-fits or new construction. Made with moisture-resistant closed-cell EPS (expanded polystyrene), Gold Fold is a tough product that holds its R-value and is resistant to bacteria, fungus, rot, mold and mildew.
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Gold-Fold Plus

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Gold-Fold HD

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Gold-Fold Neopor

Gold-Wall Insulation
Gold-Wall Insulation System is made with expanded polystyrene and is unique because it is factory-made with 25 gauge galvanized (G-60) steel studs embedded directly into the insulation. The ridged studs stay flush to the front of the sheet and are laminated on both side with a durable polymeric facer. This system creates a monolithic insulation system that does not allow thermal bridging. Learn More
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Gold-Wall Neopor

Gold-Polystrong Insulation
Gold-Polystrong is a unique laminated product that gives incredible strength to the EPS board. This is designed and laminated with a durable SUV facer that offer great uv resistance as well as additional fastener holding strength. Gold-Polystrong can be double faced or combined with other popular laminates.
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Gold-Polystrong Plus

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Gold-Polystrong HD

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Gold-Polystrong Neopor